Analisys and R&D

We guarantee delivery of a flawless project and ultimate customer satisfaction, thanks to our ability to test projects in their initial phases. We do a detailed structural calculation, Finite Element Analysis (FEM) and Computational Fluid Dynamics analysis (CFD).



We use CFD tools to simulate virtual environments so that final products will function optimally and survive in their real physical environments. With the use of latest software tools, we can combine fluid and heat transfer simulations to produce even more complete results. We can perform:

  • Structural strength verification
  • Deformation verification
  • Mapping of temperature distribution and thermal deformations
  • Shape optimization
  • Components’ weight reduction
  • Heat removal optimization
  • Pressure drop minimization and verification
  • Mechanism verification
  • Joint contact pressure verification
  • Power and internal forces computation
  • Structural verification


FEM modal analysis, response analysis and dynamic simulations are used to guide the design of systems at an early phase of the process. This ensures consistent component reliability and performance achieved in time and with reduced design iterations.