Our Industries

Industrial Machinery

Thanks to the use of the most advanced 3D parametric modeling softwares, MOD Engineering can offer highly customized excellent quality solutions and support them during the entire design process. In particular, for the automotive sector we are able to design mechanical parts of systems and components especially for the working and digging machinery. We have a vast knowledge and expertise in materials such as cast-iron, aluminum, steel and their manufacturing processes such as fusion, turning, forging and welding.

We develop automation projects through the best technology used of the control system with control and management improvements, simplified maintenance and repair of the worn-out parts, reduction of critical stages during the assembling process, reduction of costs and working hours.

Thanks to our know-how and wide experience acquired from our partner company CPI-ENG, we have developed ability in both mechanical, electrical, automation and hardware fields with a focus on:

  • Thick and thin sheet metal structures
  • Piping and plants fluid
  • Oil and Gas system         
  • Complete system development
  • Automation
  • Nuclear environment
  • Automotive & powertrain
  • Lifting tool