Our Industries

Engine and Powergen

MOD Engineering is specialized in the design of small and large engines and can count on a solid experience in the sector. The high knowledge of the properties and specifications of the materials used increases the design autonomy, ensuring a high standard of quality and allows to maximize the level of required customization. Our core business are:

  • precision motors
  • automotive motors
  • home appliance motors
  • commercial and industrial motors
  • machinery motors
  • electronic and optical components and other related products.

Our skills and experience allow us to carry out projects on different scales, from the component to the whole engine. Successful cooperation with all suppliers and customers has led us to deep knowledge on bending, welding and processing materials for thermal insulation of turbochargers and engine exhausts. Our design specialists have professional skills for insulated boxes development for all types of applications that retain thermal dispersion (HOT SPOT).

We are able to assist the customer in the design of:

  • Engine bases
  • Main elements of the crank mechanism (crankshafts, connecting rods, pistons, camshafts, etc.)
  • Cylinder heads
  • Supercharging plants
  • Exhaust systems
  • Thermal insulation

We are equipped with modern CAD-CAE softwares and tools such as: CATIA, NX, Pro / e, which give us the opportunity to develop projects directly with the customer's CAD platform.